About Me

Hi, everyone, I’m Therese and I’ve been involved in Alzheimer Care Home work support for almost 10 years.    Along the way, I’ve seen crushing life challenges for patients and families, walking the hard road that leads to total memory loss of a loved one.    I’ve had my cycles of believing in a cure, feeling desolate for those who will miss this news if and when it comes, then, gaining hope reading about preventative measures, only to be discouraged by the statistics of people with healthy lifestyles succumbing to the disease.  And back. And forth.

Why did I build this site?

I want to help people like you, who may be living with, caring for, or have contact to people who have Alzheimer’s disease, in whichever stage of the illness they are in…

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To do this, I am building this communication and connection platform as a base to find answers, share experiences, find help sources and continually update my own learning and involvement for you on a regular basis.

It will be intensely gratifying to me if something I say or write corresponds to a need or interest you have regarding Alzheimer in the family, circle of relatives, or close friends.  If that is the case, this site is for you!                                                      It fills me with joy and gratitude to be able to ease even one person’s dispair, because I see this dispair almost every day…

Please feel completely free to post feedback or ask questions!  If I don’t know the answer, I will research until I do.  If a question is impossible to answer, I will be honest and say so.

Now, to me…

I am currently 53 years old.  I live in Switzerland and work in an Alzheimer’s Care Home in Support Services.  I’ve been there since April of 2008, and seen so many people move in.  And move out, leaving their lives…

I await avidly every article from any authoritative source, bringing the latest developments of their search for the cure.

I also have a burning interest in prevention, delay or slowdown in the early stages, and the Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease in particular, ( its statistics are growing too fast for comfort in the western world…).

If you ever need any feedback or support regarding health practices against Alzheimer’s, I will be more than happy to facilitate connections and research for information.  Please remember one thing, however. The visit to the doctor is always Step One.                                                                 Simply leave your comment below and be sure to visit my site regularly, as I will always update it with the latest information, real-life stories, ideas for coping, possible everyday solutions and more…

I wish you the absolute maximum of help and support in dealing with the Alzheimer’s disease of your loved one or the person close to you!

Thank you for your visit on my site!



Founder of Dealing With Alzheimer.                       dealingwithalzheimer.com                                         e-mail:  theresroth@dealingwithalzheimer.com