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Answer of the Heart

Herbert and Michelle (no real persons intended), are a couple living in the suberbs of a large metropole in the midwest. A completely normal couple, you’d think, but the answer of the heart is the only totally reliable response Michelle can give her husband in a longer conversation. She’s in an early-to-middle stage of Alzheimer’s …

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Early Alzheimer’s and Vaccinations

Experts predict a critical rise in the number of Alzheimer’s cases in the next 20 years, in the entire western world. People born in the baby-boom years are coming into an age at which problems with cognitive ability can start to appear. Early onset cases may already develop in people in their 40’s and 50’s! …

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alzheimers symptoms

How to Talk with Alzheimer’s Patients

Symbols, signs and simplicity – Common daily issues of many family members confronted by the shock of no longer being able to communicate with their loved ones.

Alzheimer's Wandering

Alzheimer’s and Wandering

The Wandering About 60% of all Alzheimer patients will have at least one lengthy phase during which they will frequently pace or wander around. They may do this for many hours on end, forgetting lunch or dinner, forgetting the destination they had in mind at first, or even forgetting where they started, where they are at …

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Alzheimer's Nutrition

Lipids in Nutrition-Prevention or Slowdown of Alzheimer’s?

Nutrition and Alzheimer’s Prevention? Epidemiologic research shows that what you eat and drink can have a formative effect on the growth and development of Alzheimer’s disease. Damage to metabolic health caused by too much of certain nutrients and too little of the essential ones is a reality, acknowledged by health treatment professionals. The area of …

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Man Climbing Stairs, does he Need Help?

“Let me help you, that looks dangerous!”, I exclaim, as I approach the stairs leading to the seniors residence complex in our neighborhood, where I’m paying a visit to an old friend. The man in front of me is perhaps in his eighties, small build, hunched over, frequently distracted in his upward journey on those …

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The Essence of Beauty in an Experience

In the daily life of all people I know, something that sparks inspiration, joy, appreciation and a feeling that all is as it should be, is the presence of something truly beautiful. A flower, a piece of wonderful music, something tasty to eat or drink. A tantalizing purfume, a warm soapy bath that is waiting… …

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Alzheimer’s Disease and dealing with SLEEP Issues

How does Alzheimer’s disease affect Sleep? Often, your loved-one’s sleep is disturbed, sometimes severely. They may get out of bed, looking for things and wandering around the house at night, maybe even going outside… Often, they may be in an agitated state due to not finding a room, an object or a person. A risk …

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